Staff – BE – Department of Mechanical Engineering

Name Designation Qualifications
Dr. Ranganatha Swamy LAsso.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech, Ph.D
Dr. HemarajuAsso.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech, Ph.D
Mr. Sudeep Kumar K SAsso.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech, (Ph.d)
Mr. Vinod K.CAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech, (Ph.d)
Mr. Keerthi BLAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech
Mr. Mahendra H SAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech
Ms. Nischitha K MAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech
Mr. Pradeep HAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech
Mrs. Ramya Rani H VAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech
Mr. Santhosh Kumar T CAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech
Mr. Vishwanth D NAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech
Mr. Sharath NAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech
Mr. Hemanth CAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech
Mr. Krupesh K SAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech, (P.hd)
Mr. Naveen S SAsst.ProfessorB.E, M.Tech

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