Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Math

Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Math, situated in the State of Karnataka, is a Socio-Spiritual Center, which has the history of 1,800 years to its credit. Sri Math has been reverberated with the spiritual resonance which is inundated with the spiritual penance of thousands of Saints and Siddhas. It has the holy lineage of Spiritual Masters which was initiated by Lord Shiva at the end of his deep penance at Sri Kshetra Adichunchanagiri. Dharmapeeta, thus, established by Lord Shiva, witnessed 70 Jagadgurus along with the 71st Pontiff His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji, Padmabhushan Awardee, who is presently heading Sri Math.

After His Holiness assumed the religious throne, started working towards the society in various like: Education, Healthcare, Environment, Social, Moral and Cultural activities apart from the Spiritual activities.

His Holiness started more than 475 Educational Institutions across the globe, wherein about one lakh students from different cross-section of the society are quenching the thirst of their knowledge. With the vision of giving modern education with the urban standards to the rural mass, more than 85 percent institutions are in rural areas. Blind Schools are started at Karnataka and Tamil Nadu States along with the Institutions for Physically and Intellectually Challenged. Destitute Centers and Old-age Homes are established in many places to help the distressed mass of the society making their lives quite sublime.

Understanding the need of Healthcare facilities in rural areas, Sri Guruji has opened many Hospitals and Healthcare Centers along with Hi-Tech and Super Speciality Hospitals both in rural and urban areas.

To maintain the ecological balance, HH started plantation project named ‘Vanasamvardhana Trust’, with view of each one plant to one in the State of Karnataka. As a result, more than 50 million plants are planted, thus covering the Mother Earth with lush green patch.

Many cattle sheds (Goshalas) are opened to protect the cattle wealth, which is the backbone of our agriculture-based country. Whenever nature hits the normal life of human beings like devastating floods, Sri Guruji rushed to the help of bereaved families and thousands of houses were built at the cost of millions of rupees and millions of tons of food grains and clothes were distributed to such affected families.

To establish communal harmony in society for peaceful and harmonious life, quite often our Sri Math conducts Inter-Religious Faith Conferences inviting different religious Heads. Also Poojya Guruji visited many countries spreading spiritual essence of all Religions. Also, under the President ship of His Holiness, ‘Foundation for Unity of Religions and Enlightened Citizenship – FUREC’ was started.

Realizing the services rendered by Poojya Guruji to the society, many States, National and International Universities have conferred Honorary Doctorates. Good number of other Awards and Titles has adored Poojya Guruji. Recently, the Government of India has conferred ‘Padmabhushan’, the prestigious National Award on Sri Guruji for his outstanding contribution to the society in different fields.

Activities of Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Math


  • Running 475 Educational Institutions with more than one lakh student strength from Basic Education to Research.
  • 85% are rural based institutions.
  • 3000 children are taking free education with free food, shelter and uniform.
  • Running Blind schools and Deaf & Dumb Schools.
  • Established Vocational Training Center, which helps the unemployed rural youth, which is a part of Providing Urban facilities to Rural Areas (PURA).


  • Serving the society, by establishing charitable Hospitals to Hi-tech Hospitals.
  • Organizing free Medical Camps, Blood Donation Camps, etc.
  • For 5 years, conducting free Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Camps with collaboration with Rotaplast, USA.


  • Established ‘Karnataka Vanasamvardhana Trust’ by planting more than 5 crore saplings.


  • During Tsunami, Sri Math has extended helping hand with the victims by sending food grains, blankets, etc.
  • During north Karnataka floods, Sri Math has sanctioned Rs.50.00 crores for rehabilitation works of that region.
  • Many cattle sheds (Goshalas) are opened to protect the cattle wealth, which is the backbone of our agriculture-based country.
  • Since 35 years, Janapada Kalamela is regularly organized.


  • Sri Math is conducting Inter-Religious Faith Conferences by inviting different religious Heads.
  • Under the Presidentship of His Holiness, ‘Foundation for Unity of Religions and Enlightened Citizenship – FUREC’ was started.
  • Every year, Sri Math is conducting Priest Training Programmes. The trained groups ill be sent to different parts of the world.

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