SC/ST/OBC Cell: Complaint Submission Form

The SC/ST Students Cell addresses academic and non-academic issues and complaints received from students in reserved categories. The institute strives to maintain an environment where all communities can participate in academic and research activities without any sort of discrimination with respect to caste or creed. In order to maintain such an atmosphere, the SC/ST students cell is responsible for sensitizing the campus community about the importance of having diversity.

The cell aims to ensure that anti-discrimination laws in the context of race/caste/creed are followed in letter and in spirit.

Please provide detailed information: insufficient or nonconcrete information ends up being disposed off without any punishment to the perpetrator. Also please provide details about why the discrimination is caste-based. The purview of this cell and the complaint form is limited to caste-based discrimination of students at BGSIT,B G Nagar only. We will strive to ensure anonymity of the complainant: if you want to not reveal your name, then please also logout of gmail while filling this form

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