About Balagangadharanatha Swamiji


Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji’s efforts have been focused on the basic necessities like Anna, Akshara and Arogya, i.e., Food, Education and Health.

His Holiness is involved in a number of programmes like feeding more than twenty thousand people free a day. It is because devotees are fed incessantly, Sri Math is also called as ‘Annadani Math’. The other programmes are five-crore plantations project, relief works during natural disasters and many more.

Thousands of habitants were displaced from their homes when a wild fire swept across the Western Ghats causing severe hardship. Sri Math took the initiative to extinguish wild fire, and assisted the refugees by providing them all basic and support services. When Earthquake created havoc and made people’s life miserable, Sir Math responded to their woes and supported them to make their life comfortable.

Sri Swamiji has established more than four hundred recognized and highly regarded Educational Institutions, where more than seventy thousand students are quenching their thirst of knowledge; a significant number are from rural areas.

Swamiji visits more than thirty Monastic Branches of Sri Math, scattered across the country, on a regular basis. His Holiness pervades traditional art, values, culture and timeless spiritual message, contributed for the progress, peace, happiness and harmony of mankind.

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